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Who I Am

With nearly 20 years of nonprofit experience, Larry A Woodland has worked in a variety of organizations working with children, families, chronically mentally ill, substance users, and medically fragile clients. Mr. Woodland started his career working with family and children in Baltimore, Maryland. He worked as case manager in a variety of setting including foster care, and outpatient medical clinics. After receiving his masters in social work from Fordham University in New York City, he started providing therapy to children and families in the juvenile justice system. He transitioned into community mental health providing individual, couples, and family therapy throughout New York City. In 2007 Mr. Woodland moved into administration and discovered the need for increased strategic planning, supervision and marketing in the nonprofit sector to increase cause awareness, reach more clients, properly train staff and develop more sustainable funding opportunities. Mr. Woodland began providing seminars and training around building and maintaining mental health programs in multi-service organizations. In 2015 Mr. Woodland received his MBA (Masters in Business Administration) with a concentration in Marketing and Non-profit management. He is currently working with organizations across California including the Greater Los Angeles area and the Bay area. 

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